Natural Skin Moisturising is essential with ayurveda oil

The skin reflects whatever the body undergoes at various levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Many factors like heredity, pollutants and hormones are all affected by these factors and vise versa. It is evident that people are more and more depending on cosmetics which are more hazardous than helpful. So a natural safe and effective herbal formula for enhancing skin health and complexion is necessary.

It seems counter intuitive to put oil on your face when most of us don’t want to look oily—especially if we already happen to have oily, acne-prone, or combination skin. But very few people knows that your skin already makes oil and these oils are best for hydration ,  softness and glow . Our skin is desperately need oil moisturising whenever its dry .the protective outer layer of skin that functions as the skin’s primary protection against water loss. Together, the oils produced by your skin keep the layers of your skin soft, seal hydration in, and protect against allergens and pathogens . But you need to choose best formulation in oil to get best long term results .

oil is hydrophobic, including the oils that your face produces, which means that they’ll keep water from escaping. And that in turn keeps your skin hydrated. “Hydration is really a function of water balance, so oils help hold water in and prevent the environment from stripping water out,” Many people have dry skin because their skin does not naturally produce enough oil or  Using chemical based or harsh skin-care products (like some acne products) can either dry out your skin or give major non curable side effects . Choosing right product in this confusing and misleading advertisements world is one more big task . Strong result based extracts formula shows amazing results rather than the popular one . Lets learn skin types as per ayurveda which can help you choose best option .ayurveda Oil

Ayurvedic Skin Types

Ayurveda believes a healthy body constitution is based on a balanced state of Vata, Pitta and Kaphadosha, the Tridosha, which governs the human body.

according to Ayurveda, the health of your skin is also determined by what you feed your skin to balance the Tridoshic constitution of the skin.

  1. Vata Skin:.Vata skin ages faster and tends to be dry, rough and flaky when Vata is imbalanced
  2. Pitta Skin: When Pitta gets imbalanced, Pitta skin is prone to discoloration, pimples, freckles and moles. This type of skin is sun-sensitive and tends to flare ups with rashes, eruptions or sun patches on prolonged exposure to sun.
  3. Kapha Skin: Kapha type of skin tends to age at a slower rate. They are prone to a dull complexion.

There are five types of Pitta dosha. Bhrajak Pitta is a subtype of Pitta dosha present on the skin. It controls skin quality and complexion. A balanced Bhrajaka pitta is required to maintain lustrous healthy skin.

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