Dr.Pradnya’s new age Ayurvedic Facts

Ayurveda has got rebirth in the form of extracts and now can give fast results . It can cure and control all health problems without changing your regular lifestyle .                 We follow so many diet advises , switch to organic food , stop eating rice , choosing extra fibers in biscuits to maintain fitness and body shape . But what about our taste buds which are developed from childhood .?                                                                                   There will be one day when we will throw all diet plans out of mind and start taking bites of samosas or eating fish curry rice . We can’t follow any diet through out our life .  It’s very important to maintain our body shape by choosing right meal proportion at eating at right time. No need to change your food but good to change your eating habits. These mantras will give secrets of ayurveda diet for healthy body , skin , hairs and many more health problems . You will be fit and fine throughout your life if you know eating habits as per season ,  timing and meal proportion . We can enjoy our traditional food and and at the same time maintain your health with the help of Ayurveda.

New Age Ayurveda
Ayurveda Diet and facts about nutrition from regular meal

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  1. Excellent initiative taken by you doctor to understand more about new age ayurveda . It really helps to avoid confusion of food selection and gives brief idea what Ayurveda says about health fitness . Keep it up and I will definitely read your articles in future .


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